Child Development … a Deeper Look

Child development is a sequence of changing and learning that occurs while children are growing.  Transformations occur in the body (Physical), with how they think, remember and understand (Intellectual), the way they feel (Emotional) and how they relate to and connect with others (Social).  CDC’s “Learn the Signs. Act Early” program offers free, parent-friendly tools to help track your child’s milestones from age 2 months to 5 years.

Mobile Parenting Support

Tracking Development

Track your child’s (2 months through age 5) development milestones with this Milestone Tracker App and the Milestone Moments publication from the CDC.  They offer checklists, videos, tips and activities, along with appointment reminders and a summary of your child’s development to share with your doctor.

Texting Support

Text4Baby App sends text messages up to three time a week, with helpful hints and help you remember doctor’s appointments for you or your baby until baby’s first birthday.

Child Development Tip Sheets has a number of videos, tipsheets and resources, organized by age, that can help you encourage your child’s physical and social/emotional development. They also offer an introduction to speech and language that provides checklists, tips and milestone descriptions for speech, language and hearing development in children ages 3 through 36 months old.

Physical Development physical development chart allows you to track your child’s physical, play, and speech development. If you feel your baby is developing at a different pace, seek help.  You know your child best!

Assure the Best Brochure

Social Emotional Development

Social-emotional development includes the child’s experience, expression, and management of emotions.  These skills are used to establish positive rewarding relationships with others and are learned from birth. Explore social-emotional development brochure to see how your child is developing these skills.

Social-Emotional Development Brochure

Language Development

From birth baby begins to develop the ability to receive and understand a message from others and the ability to convey a
message through sounds, speech, signs, etc.   Check out list of language milestones to see if your baby’s development.

Encouraging Speech Brochure